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How It Works

Built to enable self-service, the Noodigs platform educates and empowers customers while providing lower fees, end-to-end service for home buyers and sellers, standardization and automation... all from the comfort of your couch on your time. Noodigs provides a personalized digital experience facilitating the execution of every step in a home sale from advertisement up until closing for ¼ the cost of the traditional model, saving an average of $14k. Data-driven, streamlined and automated, we're bridging the gap between comprehensiveness and cost effectiveness. Welcome to Noodigs.


For Buyers

Narrow in on what's most important to you in your new home. We'll help you develop a list, find homes that might be of interest and help you complete your purchase. You'll have industry-leading information throughout as well as our satisfaction guarantee. Even if this is your first time buying, you're in good hands. Noodigs is the faster, easier and less expensive way to find your dream home.

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And Sellers

You’ve spoken and we listened. When selling your home you need low fees, step-by-step process guidance and convenience. Our platform creates an attention-grabbing listing with professional pictures and video walk-throughs. Noodigs then gets your listing advertised on every major home listing website in the country to ensure you’re casting a large net for buyers. We help you field offers, analyze them and work through every step of the sale up to closing.

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Why Noodigs?

Beautifully Crafted

Noodigs has been crafted to provide a slick experience at every stage and with the very latest real estate data.

Buy & Sell Smarter

Noodigs' Active Data powers real estate selling and buying. Enter your address to get the industry’s most accurate home evaluation.

Secure Transactions

Equipped with the most robust data and strategies, Noodigs streamlines the route to the perfect deal for you.

Integrity & Transparency

It’s stressful when you don’t know what’s going on. Transparency is key. Noodigs communication updates are in real time so you are always in control.

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