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Why Noodigs?

Noodigs customers are looking for low fees and the information and tools needed to sell their home “for sale by owner.” As a licensed brokerage in the state of PA, Noodigs Realty Services offers the Noodigs software as a platform to provide both seller and buyer with comprehensive resources, guidance, and tools needed to ensure a smooth transaction. Noodigs assists customers from listing creation up until closing and does it for ¼ the cost of the traditional agent-driven model by enabling self-service. If our customers are ever uncomfortable or confused during the transaction, a licensed real estate salesperson (often referred to as an agent) is just a phone call away. We love speaking with our customers and will work with you to clear up any confusion.

With Noodigs, you’re equipped to make the right decision for you, on your schedule, while avoiding unnecessarily high fees.

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Agent Driven Sales vs. Noodigs Customer Driven Model

Agent Driven Sales
Noodigs Customer Driven Model

Agent Driven Sales

Noodigs Customer Driven Model

Agent Driven Sales

Agency Fees

Agent driven transactions carry a fee of 6-7% of the sales price of the property.

How it works - Fees


Noodigs Customer Driven Model

Lower Fees

In our streamlined, automated model, we charge a 1.5% fee - one fourth of the price of the old way.

Agent Driven Sales

Limited to Agent’s Work Hours

In an agent driven process, customers complain of being in the dark - about waiting for instructions from their agent that become urgent out of nowhere. Agents have their attention split between a plethora of clients and have to be incredibly diligent to ensure a smooth process.

How it works - Communication


Noodigs Customer Driven Model

On-Demand Custom Workflows

The Noodigs software accommodates your schedule! Start the process from your couch at 11pm and pick up where you left off on your morning train ride at 8am. All of our tools and information are available anytime you need them.

Agent Driven Sales

Last Minute Showings

Showing requests often happen with less than 24 hours of notice, creating a major life disruption.

How it works - Showings


Noodigs Customer Driven Model

Flexible Viewing Plans

We know you're busy. Showings or open houses are booked via digital calendars well in advance, providing minimal life disruption.

Agent Driven Sales

Information Handled Manually

Agents are managing checklists of required steps and paperwork manually. You'll meet with your agent to fill out every document required, at each step of the process.

How it works - Paperwork


Noodigs Customer Driven Model

Automated Workflows

Our interface allows our customers to access information and everything that's needed to close a sale from the comfort of their spot on the couch.

Agent Driven Sales

Agency Provides Information

An agent’s service and the information they provide to their customers varies.

How it works - Property Details

Property Details

Noodigs Customer Driven Model

Unlimited Access to Information

You'll always be provided with the most comprehensive and up-to-date official records available on homes listed with Noodigs. With one click, we'll show you everything you need to know.

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