How do I ensure I'm completing all steps in the sales process properly?

We're glad you asked! The Noodigs platform was developed to be as intuitive and informational as possible without burdening you with unnecessary information. We've designed the system in way that makes it easy for you to understand the steps you're required to complete in the process, and when those steps need to be completed. We know that this can be a scary process for newcomers, but we'd love to speak with you! If you have ANY questions, at any point in the process, please call us at 888-535-4441 or send us an email at  contact.us@noodigs.com.

How do I know what listing/sales price is appropriate? 

We work with the county recorder in every metro area in which we operate. These relationships give us access to up-to-date property information including build info, ownership history, tax records, and in-depth analysis of comparable homes that have been sold recently. These comparable home sales prices are coupled with general market data to recommend a suggested listing price. Ultimately, home values are determined by the market, so these pricing recommendations should be used as a general guide. 

What if I make a mistake somehow?

If you ever feel anything is unclear, or just generally want to talk, please call us! We love talking to our customers and our licensed salespeople (often referred to as agents) are here to help with whatever is on your mind! Additionally, Noodigs Realty Services reviews all binding agreements before they're submitted. 

How are home showings conducted?

At Noodigs, we believe that the best story of a home is told by the owner. Sellers can describe the love, craftsmanship and renovations that have gone into making the home what it is today! For that reason, buyers and sellers utilize our simple booking function to confirm a showing. If you have any questions about what to share and ask during these showings, check out our blog section for some recommendations for both buyer and seller!

Why would I work with Noodigs rather than a traditional brokerage?

Our customers are seeking to minimize the fees associated with the sale of a home. They're confident in their ability to make decisions about their home sale/purchase when they're provided with the proper process guidance and property-specific information. We don't want to inappropriately influence your decision in any way - this sale has to be right for you. It's our job to provide the framework for a fair transaction to be negotiated for both parties, based on the best information available.

Finally, the on-demand nature of our service means this happens on your schedule, from the comfort of your couch.

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